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Oil Trading & Marketing
Angola's Oil Grades
The characteristics of our crudes perform well on the international oil trading markets.

A large proportion of our heavier crude productions is sold to the Far East. Large volumes of Cabinda's crude are sold to China for fuel oil production.
Marketing 24 hours a day
With regional sales offices in three continents, Sonangol's marketing operations can be said to be "open for business" 24 hours a day. With Limited in London, the other Sonangol E.P.'s sales offices are located in:
  • Houston, Texas in the USA
  • Singapore

All three overseas offices are the driving force of Group Sonangol international sales operation, and their activities are backed by "Gabinete de Operações de Comercialização" in Luanda - that ensures that the negotiated contracts are smoothly expedited.
Sonangol Limited is a subsidiary of Sonangol E.P., and the main reason for establishing Limited was the need for a physical presence of Sonangol company in the international oil market.

Our mission is to advertise Sonangol Group and to promote, on its behalf, the marketing of Angola's crude to end consumers.